Fix: Replacement Browser Switch Files for GoLive 6.0.x Browser Switch
(corrects for version 7 browser support)

The files for download here replace files in the GoLive Browser Switch to correct a problem with support for version 7 or above browsers (only Netscape is at version 7 as of today). By replacing these files you can use the Browser Switch as normal, without having to edit any of the code written to your pages and version 7 and above browsers will be correctly supported. These files are only for use with GoLive 6.0.x.

NB. Only Internet Explorer and Netscape are supported by the preinstalled GoLive Browser Switch.

This fix is not approved by Adobe Systems Inc. or supported by Adobe Technical Support.

How to install

1. Download one of the two compressed archives below.

2. Back up the Modules/JScripts/ActionScripts folder which you will find beneath the GoLive installation folder.

3. Ensure GoLive is not running.

4. Uncompress the archive.

5. Copy and paste the four *.scpt files into the Modules/JScripts/ActionScripts folder. OK when asked if you want to overwrite the existing versions.

6. Restart GoLive.

Download Files (files have Windows line breaks)

BSwitchMac.sit (files have Macintosh line breaks)