Workaround: Supporting Netscape 7 with the GoLive 6 Browser Switch

Checking the Higher than check box(es) in the GoLive 6.0 Browser Switch object should set up Netscape 7 or higher and Internet Explorer 7 or higher as supported browsers. In fact, Netscape 7 (the only browser presently affected) is actually redirected, even when checked. Here's one way of fixing your page so that Netscape is supported correctly.

The main purpose of this site is educational, so this workaround will remain here. You can download amended files to fix the Browser Switch and allow you to use it normally within the GoLive 6.0 interface here

Step 1: Setup the Browser Switch

Step 2: Time to edit a little code.

Switch to source mode and remove the <csbrowser></csbrowser> tags highlighted in red in the above code (1). This means that your browser switch will no longer by editable through the Browser Switch Inspector, but it is required to prevent GoLive from repairing the code for us after we've changed it. The Javascript for the Browser Switch is now a standard Javascript element and will appear as a normal Javascript object in GoLive.

Remove the Javascript highlighted in green (2). This is the code the Browser Switch eventually uses to identify version 7 and later browsers. Unfortunately, it doesn't do it.

After removing the code above, your code should look like this:

Step 3: Time to add a little new code of our own.

Add the three lines of Javascript highlighted above immediately below the existing line which begins "var skipPage=true". Each line needs to be typed entire without any returns. Or you can download the file here and copy/paste it into your page.

Step 4: Let's add a little more.

Now you need to add the lines which will actually tell the page that the version 7 browsers are supported, as shown above. These lines need to be added immediately above the line beginning "if (skipPage)", the last line of the script before the script element's closing tag. You can download the Javascript here and copy/paste it into your page.

Step 5: Uncomment the browsers you want to support.

All that's left to do is remove the Javascript comments (//) at the beginning of each line for version 7 browsers you want to support. There is a line for Internet Explorer (which ain't out there yet) and Netscape 7 (which sure is) on Macintosh and Windows platforms respectively.

This is a simple fix to the existing GoLive Browser Switch. It only supports the browsers supported by the Switch itself, Internet Explorer and Netscape. Mozilla, for example would be redirected using this browser switch as would Opera, unless it was reporting itself as Internet Explorer.