Quick Tip: Using Find by Element to remove the font tags from all pages in a site

Its actually quite easy to remove all of the <font></font> tags from all pages in your site. For example, your may want to convert the presentational design of the site to use Cascading Style Sheets. If you want to do this in your site, as with all site-wide operations, back up the site first. Nothing ever goes wrong, apart from the one time you don't back up first.

Step 1:
Open Edit > Find and then switch to the Element tab.

Open Find by Element

Step 2:
In the element Name is flyout menu, choose the font element.

Choose Font from Element Flyout

Step 3:
In the action dropdown menu, choose Replace Element by its content.

Choose Replace Element as Action

Step 4:
Select the site in the Files from dropdown menu.

Now, all you need to do is hit the Start button in the Find dialogue and all <font></font> tag pairs in your site will be removed ready to apply stylesheet-based presentation instead.

There are a couple of extra things of interest. Firstly, any element search you set up here can be saved for future use with the Save Task button. This opens the Save As dialogue in the FindByElementTasks folder, which is where you save these tasks in GoLive. Once it is saved, you can open it again with the Open Task button and re-run it.

The second thing is that this is really just the tip of the iceberg of what you can do with the Find by Element tab in GoLive's Find dialogue. You can find elements which have an attribute which matches, or does not match, a particular value you specify. You can delete the element and keep the content or replace only the content within matching elements. In fact, there is an amazing amount you can do from this rather unassuming little Find dialogue tab. Check it out for yourselves.