HowTo: Set Up Dynamic Content with WebDAV on Internet Information Server


Stage 1: Create and configure the WebDAV virtual directory
Stage 2: Create the second virtual directory
Stage 3: Configuring the GoLive site

Stage 2: Create the second virtual directory

We now need to set up the virtual directory which GoLive will use in the authoring and development process and which allows us to test the pages by requesting them in whichever browsers we want to support.

We already know the process of setting up a virtual directory. We just finished setting one up after all. So we'll keep it to a minimum.

Open up the IIIS management console again. If you forgot to close it after setting up the WebDAV virtual directory, congratulations, you've just saved yourself a step. Fire up the virtual directory creation wizard (select the default web site, right click and choose virtual directory from the contextual menu, for those with short memories). Name the alias something which will remind you that its for serving the dynamic content. Here we've used srv_dynamic.

Name the Virtual Directory Alias

Now we need to point it at the same physical location on the server as we used for the WebDAV virtual directory.

Select the Location

We need to set the permissions on the second virtual directory now. We need to read, and run scripts and we also need write permission for GoLive to be able to preview dynamic content by writing temporary files to the server.

Set the Virtual Directory Permissions

Once the wizard completes, we have the two server virtual directories we need to work with IIS, WebDAV and dynamic content. All that's left to do is to configure our GoLive site.

Stage 3: Configuring the GoLive site.